Sewing Class: Skirt or Shorts

Sewing Class: Skirt or Shorts

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Friedrichstraße 23a

Friedrichstraße 23a

10969 Berlin


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Learn to sew a timeless A-line skirt or a pair of boxer shorts with an elastic waistband and pockets.

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This is an easy, but complex enough beginner sewing class perfect if you haven't sewn any clothing before. A basic knowledge of using the sewing machine will be required.

Both projects are upcycling-friendly, which means you can use any of the patterns to easily recreate the pieces from old clothing & small pieces of fabric.

You will learn

  • how to plan and cut fabric for minimum waste;
  • how to handle and organize your fabric pieces for ease of sewing;
  • how to sew elastic waistbands;
  • how to sew inside pockets;
  • how to finish clothes' bottom, also known as hem;
  • how to give a professional finish to your clothing;
  • many other things you will understand in the process.

You will take home

  • an A-line skirt or a pair of shorts tailored to your body, created entirely by you from the sustainable fabrics provided by us;
  • a paper pattern customized to your measurements;
  • a PDF with sewing instructions to help you easily recreate the project at home in any size;
  • notions about fabric cutting and manipulation and techniques that you can use for creating trousers, dresses and accessories;
  • a professional picture with you wearing your project.

All the sustainable fabrics & trims needed, all tools, and snacks are included.

The class consists of 6 hours + 30 min break.

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