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Science to Data Science: PhD career day

10,000 Data Scientists for Europe

Science to Data Science: PhD career day
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At some point, most PhDs wonder whether to continue in academia or leave for a job in industry. More money, time or impact: Motives will vary, and will be equally valid.

In this workshop, we will discuss: How do I handle change and continutiy in my career? When do I leave for industry? What mistakes must I avoid? Which destination do I pick? 

Secondly, we look at opportunities in Data Science and Machine Learning, the fastest growing job market for the very highly qualified. 


Any PhD with a numerate background - in e.g. statistics, algebra, econometrics - from any research field that is curious about the opportunities in industry or is wondering whether an academic career is the best or only choice. We understand PhD as you are a PhD researcher or Postdoc.


The workshop concept was piloted for the "Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers" (Berlin 2017) and is based on hundreds of applications and interviews at Data Science Retreat as well as participants' biographies. 

10,000 Data Scientists for Europe

Our mission is to connect the Data Scientists of Europe and to find and train new talent as rapidly as possible: 10,000 highly-qualified Data Scientists capable of designing and producing the data-driven products of the 21st century.

Wenn Sie Fragen zu "Science to Data Science: PhD career day " haben, wenden Sie sich an 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe.

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Zeit und Ort

Data Science Retreat
Eislebener Straße 4
10789 Berlin


10,000 Data Scientists for Europe

Dr. Chris Armbruster is the Director, Data Science Retreat, Berlin.

Earlier engagements include a) research and workshops on academic careers, particularly the rise of the postdoc; b) rolling out digital infrastructure to 80 Max Planck Institutes with >10,000 researchers; c) the largest data-driven study on academic readers and authors ever done. 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/chris.armbruster.16  

RG - https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Chris_Armbruster  

Medium - https://medium.com/@chrisarmbruster 

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Science to Data Science: PhD career day
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