Monthly DLT Circle  - a round-table  talk, adressing DLT in Industrial IoT

Monthly DLT Circle - a round-table talk, adressing DLT in Industrial IoT

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Monthly round table with selected personalities of the DLT / Blockchain scene for an exchange of experiences. INVITE ONLY.

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What is it?

The IoT + Network has founded a new discussion format - a newly founded discussion circle based in Berlin, based on two things:

1. Berlin has developed into a Blockchain hub internationally - new business models, new start-ups, lots of money from VCs

2. In German Industry, DLT is picking up speed - more and more business cases emerging, even there’s still a lot of upward potential

The exclusive round-table talk shall enable members to benefit from these two developments.

Who takes part?

A select group of experts, opinion leaders and decision-makers – INVITE ONLY. If you have been selected, you’ll be invited to monthly discussions.

You want to get an invite? Use the contact form at the end of the page.


Every 4th Tuesday in the month, 4-5pm CET.


Currently VIRTUAL ONLY – in Zoom. We‘ll start blended modus (Location: Office in Straßburger Straße near Rosa Luxemburg-Platz + Virtual participants) once the pandemic has slowed down.


As participant: Expanding your network in the field of industrial DLT, exchanging experiences, learning, growing, doing business, promoting your career.

As group: To foster the adoption of DLT/Blockchain in companies in Germany and Europe

Who is behind it?

The organizers are the IoT + Network from Berlin and its DLT Circle Leader Arne Flick.

About IoT +: Commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) as a digital hub for IoT, IoT + is the international innovation hub for digital business transformation and the Internet of Things. IoT+Network connects companies with new innovation partners from science and the start-up scene.

About Arne Flick: As CEO of the IoT ONE Academy, Arne Flick is an active member of the DLT scene from Berlin and, among other things, the official Digital Learning Provider of the IOTA Foundation. His expertise covers applications from 1st-3rd generations of DLTs within Industrial IoT to a broader understanding of Deep Tech for the Neue Industry 4.0.