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Map to Utopia / a production of fringe ensemble und Tiyatro Plattform

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Life in our cities will determine our future. But who is to decide how we are going to live there? What do visible and invisible barriers mean for urban life and how can one succeed to dismantle them at least partially?

Through the example of the cosmopolitan metropole Istanbul, the Map-To-Utopia-Team developed a fictitious city with four districts and invites you to get to know them through the fictitious stories of their inhabitants.

Map to Utopia happens digitally on Zoom – lead by five performers and you as the participants. You will be stepping into the role of the inhabitants or the city planners and will be meeting and interacting with each other.

What is expecting You?

  • Digital theater as a collective experience.
  • International audiences sharing the same space.
  • Encounters in a fictional city.
  • Conversations leading towards Utopia.
  • Theater and Gaming at the same time.

What do you need?

A computer or a tablet to participate in the performance and a smartphone on which you use the App during the performance.

Important: Each participant needs their own individual computer or tablet and a smartphone. It’s not possible for two or more people to join on a single screen.

You will receive

An email 3 days before the event from office@fringe-ensemble.de including important information regarding your participation and your personal check-in time. If you should not find the email please check your spam folder or get into contact with us.

Technical advice

  1. Your smartphone should be either an Android 4.1 or higher or an iPhone at least IOS 11. Please make sure you have enough capacity on your smartphone (approx. 100 MB).
  2. For your participation on Zoom you need an additional device like a tablet or a computer.
  3. Please take into consideration that only one person per device is eligible
  4. Check-in to zoom starts at 18.00 CET. You will receive your personal check-in-time 3 days before the event.

Featuring Gizem Erdem, David Fischer, Georg Lennarz, Laila Nielsen, Okan Urun / Concept and artistic direction Ceren Ercan, Frank Heuel, Mark Levitas, Annika Ley, Fehime Seven / Directed by Frank Heuel / Dramaturgie, Text Ceren Ercan / Virtual Design, Stage and Costume Annika Ley / Development and Design Fehime Seven / Sound-Design Ömer Sarıgedik

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