Hoochie Koo's Grand Tease ••• Rock'n'Roll Circus !


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The Grand

Hirtenstraße 4

10178 Berlin


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Hochie Koo Rock n `Roll Circus !

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Rock n Roll , sexy costumes, everything vintage circus related, travellers, strong wo-men, showstoppers, over the top make-up.

The Grand Tease is like stepping straight into a movie, located within the incredible interior of an abandoned Grand Hotel.

Featuring a full show filled with live Burlesque entertainment and followed by a vintage inspired party where you’ll be joined by the infamous crew of the Hoochie Koo and our astounding international guest stars.

Get wicked & wild! ▶︎ www.hoochiekoo.de


DJ Don Rogall https://donrogall.wordpress.com/uber/

+ Florent Mannant on Saxophone.

Host MC Scotty The Blue Bunny (NYC / BER)


Anja Pavlova

Evilyn Frantic

Martini Cherry Furter

Arden Delacour

Van Der Blast

Valentina DeMonia

LIVE at the Lounge: The Real Deal

& the original Hi Hi Gogo dancers:

Evilyn Frantic

Little Miss Piss

+ Tarot readings with Morgan: Truth and/or consequences !




The Hoochie Koo

is a regular club night in Berlin and the premier event for early DJ music and club culture of the 50s & 60s, also celebrating the original art form of exotic dance - Burlesque.

It's an alternate time and dimension, an incarnated movie set, with the whole room flailing in giddy unison, spirited into that raw, earthy, elemental rhythm.

Founded at the legendary Bassy Club, the Hoochie Koo now takes place at various places - in 2018 we even took the whole night to New York, including our trade mark GoGo dancers, live music and Burlesque. Also in 2018, the record label Stag-O-Lee released the first Hoochie Koo compilation on vinyl - a second volume is on it's way for this fall !

DJ Don Rogall ("Mr. Hoochie Koo")

Don Rogall did pioneering work at genre-defining clubs and creating various new movements with incomparable artistic freedom for 3 decades.

He delivered the soundtrack of subculture at more than 120 venues in his home Berlin and about 100 more out of town, in 18 countries.

Regardless the changes and progressions in music and DJing, he has always been a connoisseur of original Burlesque and Exotica, since the early 90s.

Florent Mannant

He is one of the most important saxophone players in Berlin. From 20s Jazz to screaming 50s Rhythm n Blues to the edge of electronica.

In the naughties, his former group The Haferflocken Swingers used to be the core of a vibrating swing movement - now legendary.

Eventually, he founded the Dirty Honkers - and again - they keep heads turning.

Florent is also chief of the Syncopation Society, an agency and music collective focused on American roots music, blues, jazz and swing.


The Grand Club, Hirtenstrasse 4 , 10178 Berlin

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+49(0)30 278 90 99 510

Ab 19 Uhr ▶︎ +49(0)30 278 90 99 555

Datum und Uhrzeit


The Grand

Hirtenstraße 4

10178 Berlin


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