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Access Bars Practitioner Training in London May 13th 2018

with Ines Methner-Atkinson (AccessBarsFacilitator)

Would you be willing to learn and receive transformational hands on energy process in a small group with ease?

During one day, you will receive TWO sessions, also you will learn how to give this dynamic hands on body process. You will take home a comprehensive Bars manual, Bars charts and Certification as an Access Bars Practitioner.

After the class you will be qualified to give Access Bars™ to your family, friends and even charge for private sessions, and if you already provide other therapies, you can add Access Bars™ to your list of modalities.

How does it get any better than that?

Why choose an Access Bars™ class?

-Easy to learn, suitable for developing the talent of beginner energy healers

-Opens your own awareness and expands your consciousness

-Improve the capacity for better receiving

-Learn to discharge limiting energy directly from the brain to create rapid and very noticeable change in people's lives

-Suitable for use in a business or for personal growth

-Very generous local and worldwide support

-No prerequisites, First step into the Access Core training

-No limitations! Access allows you to mix with other modalities in any way that you think will be of benefit to your clients...

Please watch this video:


Effects, Benefits and Research of Access Bars:





As an Access Bars Practitioner

You are entitled to attend “Bars Gifting and Receiving" anywhere in the world. These sessions are one of the big advantages of being a certified Bars Practitioner or Facilitator.

In a Gifting and Receiving session you can:

-Receive more Bars coaching

-Have your bars run and run someone else’s bars in a 1 for 1 swap

-Bring someone you want to work on and receive coaching at the same time

-Socialize with other Bars practitioners

Investment price: £ 266 Repeatprice: £ 133

Time: 13th of May 2018 10.00am – 6.30pm

Location: coming soon after

Registration and Information: inesmethner@online.de


I am very grateful and lucky to have found Ines. She is a very positive and wise woman with very healthy and creative way to approach life.I received an Access Bars session from her and I felt very cared and safe in a familiar space for the whole session. I was told before hand that I only needed to lay donw, clothes on, facing up and the session would only be aplaying pressure over points on my head.
I am massage therapist myself and I know that can be very shoothing, but what I felt was far beyond my expectations!!
The treatment was very gentle and powerful. As soon as it started I could feel waves of energy and heat all over my body feeling very cozy, I surrender almost instantly. At the same time slowly I got into a very deep meditation state where everything felt right. After the session I felt very calm , like a big weight was taken of my shoulders, lighter. Then the same day I could think clearer than weeks and was able to process, take perspective and talk about things that were bothering me for sometime.

I highly recomend any treatment with Ines, she has a special way to hold space, she is a great therapistThank you very much!! Francisco, London Dec 2016

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