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Visions For the Future of Business Processes

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SPACE06 Funkensprung

Hütteldorferstrasse 63-65

2nd Floor

1150 Vienna


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From new ways of managing work flows to new forms of digital workplaces: Frontiers of Dialogue Forum links you to highly demanded experts.

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Frontiers of Dialogue Forum presents

Series 3 : Managing the Future of Global Work

Visions for the Future of Business Processes

Automation, AI and other digital innovation have redefined the meaning of ‘work’. Whether we are prepared or not, significant changes in the way we work will take place. We should be asking ourselves: What are the trends of the future of global work, and how can we prepare for the transition?

Frontiers of Dialogue Forum provides a platform to discuss the shifts in business processes and to help make smart management decisions that drive productivity and engagement.

We bring together forward-looking professionals who are active in transitioning the workplace through automation and remote work.



Jacobs Edo, OPEC for Industrial Development


Caroline Hahn, Arenberg

Hannah Sturm, Pikestorm

Katharina Bisset, Nerds of Law

Michael Heiss, Siemens


Rita Isiba, Frontiers of Dialogue Forum, Aphropean Partners


• Discuss and recommend innovative practices to improve workflows;

• Draw comparisons on the old and new methods of business processes;

• Explore the opportunities and barriers of remote work;


We have invited leaders of thought and practice who have a great understanding of how to increase efficiency, improve overall productivity.

These experts will share their visions for the future of business processes. Of course, they are not able to accurately predict all changes that will happen in the future of global work. Instead, we will explore real-life cases of business process transition and trends process automation.

Attracting global talents

High demands of global talents and customers are forcing organisations to adapt to a diverse workforce. Employers are expected to provide teams with the option of working remotely. Future-oriented companies recognise the benefits of automating the repetitive parts of their business processes.

Managing resources efficiently

Forward-thinking managers create digital workplaces that increase the ability to coordinate work and collaborate with people across the globe. Digital workplaces allow for better control of workflows, without compromising on efficiency, speed, or decision making.

Moving toward the future of global work

As digital technologies continue to redefine organisations and the nature of work, together, we will learn to achieve operational excellence by exploring the collective visions for the future of business processes. Both automation and remote work will play a significant role in determining what it means to work in the future.


Attendees include executives across different industries in charge of planning, implementing and managing digital workplaces and workflows. Participation will be limited to 50 attendees.


Rita Isiba, Founder & Engagement Director

Frontiers of Dialogue Forum

SPACES06 @Funkensprung , 63-65 Hütteldorfer Straße, 1150 Wien

Call +43 676 410 7694 | Email rita.isiba@fodforum.org



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Date and Time


SPACE06 Funkensprung

Hütteldorferstrasse 63-65

2nd Floor

1150 Vienna


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