Sustainable Finance Realities - How To Bring Them To Life?

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From a theoretical basis in form of the 'sustainable finance blueprint' from an international workgroup to a test lab in the heart of Europe

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r3.0 - Redesign for Resilience and Regeneration - published its ‚Sustainable Finance Blueprint‘ in the fall of 2020, challenging ESG-motivated activities in finance as ‚meaningless‘ and has recommended enabling, activation nand transformation factors to rethink a truly sustainable finance-based approach.

These form the basis of this workshop, applying their logic to the ‚Lausitz-region‘, and kicking off an r3.0/MenschBank Test Lab .

We hear from Lausitz, one of the three regions of structural change in eastern germany, what challenges the economy will have to face in the next few years and what other pressing issues are in this border region to Eastern Europe with direct borders to Poland and the Czech Republic. At the same time we hear about the wealth of ideas and the peoples energy of the so-called priceless country (#unbezahlbarland).

We also get inspired by the results of 'Voice of Culture', a Structured Dialogue with Cultural Stakeholders in Europe and the European Commission on "Culture and the SDG´s". This detailed report, containing over 100 pages of policy recommendations and best practice examples was presented to the European Commission in a Dialogue Meeting on the 11th of February, 2021. It is the direct result of the work of 45 organizations participating in a Brainstorming Meeting on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2020.

Both - economy and culture - are the supporting pillars of a successful society and the strength and inspiration of culture are essential for the necessary change.

At the end of the workshop the participants will have the chance to discuss with the speakers a Sustainable Finance approach could be realised with entrepreneurs from various sectors of the region, which will be used as input in the further development of this test lab.

Workshopleader: Ralph Thurm, Co-Founder r3.0 & Managing Director OnCommons gGmbH

Chat moderator: Bill Baue, Senior Director r3.0

Host: Martin Schneider, Co-Founder MenschBank e.V., Participant 'future lab europe' 2017 (a.o. Robert Bosch Foundation)


Else Christensen-Redzepovic is expert and advisor in local and international cultural relations. Else is also project manager of the European Commission project “Voices of Culture” a Structured Dialogue between stakeholders in the cultural and creative sectors in the EU and the European Commission. By appointment of the European Parliament, Else serves on the European Capital of Culture selection and monitoring Expert Panel.

Torsten Pötzsch, Mayor Weißwasser / OL, spokesman for the Saxon part of the Lausitzrunde (www.lausitzrunde.com) an association of municipalities in Lusatia affected by structural change.

Nikolas Karanikolas, UN Jugenddelegierter 2019, aktuell: Oxford University

Franziska Schubert, Member of the Saxon Parliament, Economic and social geographer, located in the Lausitz area, Neulandgewinner (2021) of the Robert Bosch Foundation, since 2015 member of the jury for the Neulandgewinner program


The workshop will take place within the framework of the financial congress 'Leipziger Finanzforum'.

This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.

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