Legal Insight - Intellectual Property in a Nutshell

Legal Insight - Intellectual Property in a Nutshell

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Everything you need to know on how to protect trademarks, designs, copyrights & (software) patents including timing and budgeting.

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In the second installment of START Legal Insights we will be looking at an overview of everything to do with intellectual properties and what you should do as a startup. A special focus will be given to IP for software.

We are proud to present the speakers:

Alexandra Dellmeier, Attorney at LexDellmeier

  • Attorney at Law/ Certified IP Attorney
  • 23 years of IP experience with a focus on trademark, designs and copyrights
  • Passionate about Intellectual Property (IP) and startups
  • Based in Munich

Dr. Jochen Reich, German and European Patent Attorney at Reich-ip

  • Ph.D. M.Sc. Computer Science and Patent Attorney
  • 13 years of IP experience
  • Expert in protection of software & software patents (Ai, IoT, cloud computing etc.), E-mobility, mobile technology/telecommunications and computer hardware
  • Also based in Munich

See you there!

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