LECTURE - 50 years of the Club of Rome

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TU Berlin

Straße des 17. Juni 135

Lichthof, Main building 1st floor

10623 Berlin


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50 years after the foundation of the Club of Rome - we are incredibly excited to host another CIF LECTURE at TU Berlin. This time Anders Wijkman, John C. Warner and four panelists will be our guests on stage.

Anders Wijkman (co-president of the Club of Rome) presents main theses of his recent book publication “Come On!”. Furthermore John C. Warner, eponym of CIF (Chemical Invention Factory, John Warner Center For Start-ups In Green Chemistry), discusses the role that CIF can play to help chemistry start-ups follwowed by a panel discussion.

In respect to this special occassion we are happy to award the advisory board members of CIF. Advisory baord members receive a certificate of appointment for their engagement from the President of TU Berlin Prof. Christian Thomsen and the Governing Mayor of Berlin represented by the State Secretary Steffen Krach.

Abstract CIF LECTURE Anders Wijkman

"In the years since its founding in 1968, there have been more than 40 reports to the Club of Rome. The first report, The Limits to Growth, catapulted the Club of Rome, and the authors of Limits, into the global limelight. The book served as a shock to a world as yet largely unaware of the long-term effects of continued growth in what we now call the human ecological footprint. Aurelio Peccei, founder and then president of the Club of Rome, saw the responsibility of addressing the suite of problems facing the world, what he called the predicament of mankind, but was astonished to learn from the Limits report that these problems could all be tied to the consequences of humankind`s desire for endless growth on a finite planet." (citation "Come On!", Anders Wijkman and Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker)

Anders Wijkman will hold 50 years after the foundation of the Club of Rome a LECTURE about his recent publication. The meaning of the book`s title "Come On!!" switches to the encouragement to `join on an exiting journey towards a sustainable world.`

About Anders Wijkman

Anders is co-president of the Club of Rome, chairman of the Swedish Association of Recycling Industries, and member of the Board of the Swedish Development Authority (SIDA).

Abstract CIF LECTURE John C. Warner

Chemists and materials scientists must invent new technologies if society is going to create a sustainable future. The most efficient time to consider the long-term impacts of a technology on human health and the environment is while the technology is being designed at the beginning. The principles of Green Chemistry seek to provide inventors and designers of technologies with the information necessary to make safe materials and products. This presentation will discuss the role that the Chemical Invention Factory can play to help chemistry startups make sure their technologies have the performance, cost and environmental properties to succeed in the commercial marketplace.

About John C. Warner

John C. Warner is the recipient of the 2014 Perkin Medal, founder of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and named one of “25 Visionaries Changing the World” by Utne Reader.

Abstract Panel Discussion

The panel discussion moderated by Frank-Andreas Hatzack focuses on selected theses of the book “Come On!” and the panelists are as follows:

- Feringa, Ben (University Groningen)

- Schuhmacher, Peter (BASF SE)

- Thomsen, Christian (TU Berlin)

- Wijkman, Anders (Club of Rome)

About The Moderator And Panel Participants

Frank-Andreas Hatzack is the PhD & Senior Executive Advisor at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (2017-).

Ben Feringa is the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016, for his developments on prototypes of molecular machines.

Peter Schuhmacher is President, Process Research & Chemical Engineering (2016-), at BASF SE.

Christian Thomsen is Full-Professor for experimental solid state physics (1994-), as well as president (2014-) of TU Berlin.

Event Schedule

- 03:45 PM: Doors open

- 04:15 PM: Honouring advisory board members of Chemcial Invention Factory

- 04:30 PM: CIF LECTURE Anders Wijkman

- 05:15 PM: CIF LECTURE John C. Warner

- 05:45 PM: Panel discussion

- 06:30 PM: Networking

The event is free and the only thing you should bring is a fresh mind.


We thank our partners TU Berlin, UniCat and the Berlin Senate.

About Us

The Chemical Invention Factory (CIF, John Warner Center For Start-ups In Green Chemistry) is a start-up development center initiated by TU Berlin and Berlon Senate. CIF is devoted to inventions in the fields of Green Chemistry, Materials and Nanotechnology. It will provide state of the art laboratories, excellent research infrastructure, scientific mentors and a community of likeminded entrepreneurs.

Event picture: TU Berlin/Weiss

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Date and Time


TU Berlin

Straße des 17. Juni 135

Lichthof, Main building 1st floor

10623 Berlin


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