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10,000 Data Scientists for Europe

Our mission is finding and empowering Data & AI talent as fast as possible: 10,000 Data Scientists designing and producing the data-driven products of the 21st century.


Dr. Chris Armbruster is a Max Planck alumnus, and Director of Community Development at the mobility innovators' club The Drivery, Berlin.

Dr. Patrick Baier is Technical Lead for Data Science at Zalando, with a background in Machine Learning engineering. He holds a Ph.D. in AI.

Dr. Tristan Behrens is a Deep Learning practitioner prototyping applications for clients. He holds a Ph.D. in AI.

Dr. Dina Deifallah is a Data Scientist at HeyJobs. She has a track record in optimization algorithms and a Ph.D. in communications engineering.

Fahrnaz Jayrannejad is a Data Scientist at the Porsche Digital Lab and a Machine Learning engineer at the Konrad Zuse Institute.

Dania Meira is a Data Scientist at MyToys Group, and a veteran of the Berlin startup scene. She studies Applied Mathematics and holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science.

Dr. Tenzin Nyima is a Data Analyst at Conrad Connect. She is an expert in modeling datasets and handling the pipeline from preprocessing to results visualization. She holds a Ph.D. in Biomolecular Sciences.

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