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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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Improve your C++ skills. Learn in 5 half days how to write unique code with C++11 to C++17.

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After the long period without updates to C++ until 2011, the language has been continuously improved with new standards. This brings valuable new features to C++ which are interesting. Participants will learn how to use new language features such as constexpr to optimize code size or performance.

We start with new language elements like auto, override and the uniform initialization. With this knowledge, we continue to look into innovations such as constexpr. Of course, Lambdas are discussed as well. They are one of the long-missing elements.

To the delight of all enthusiastic template users, we look at the innovation in C++11: variadic templates.

We also treat move semantics and analyze when it will bring us a profit. Here we talk about what should be considered in their use and in which situations the feature is disabled by the compiler.

Finally, we look at a few selected innovations in the STL. Very interesting for many C++ programmers, here are the smart pointers. But also containers like std::tuple or std::vector are explained.

After the seminar, participants will have a clear understanding of what the new standards bring to them. You can consciously select features from the new language standards for a project and use it safely.


Interactive lecture with exercises. Attendees need a C++17 capable environment for the exercises.

Topics outline

Clean and modern C++ code

Uniform initialization:

Initialization with curly braces


New elements:

Type determination with auto and trailing return type

Range-based for-loops

Literal operator

class enum




=default, =delete

In-class initialization

Inherited constructors

Structured bindings

Do things at compile time:



constexpr if


Move semantics:

Rvalue references


Prefect forwarding

The rule of 0/3/5 / DesDeMovA

Template changes:

Variadic templates

Alias template with using

Fold expressions

Class Template Argument Deduction

Selected updates to the STL:

Smart pointer




Time under control with chrono

A look in the algorithm header

Seats and format

The class is limited to 15 attendees. A minimum of 6 attendees are required.

This is a live virtual training which uses zoom.us as conference software.

Sale end

Ticket sales end 1 week before the event. In the event that at this point the minimum number of attendees has not been reached this class is canceled and all purchased tickets will be refunded.

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Date and Time


Online Event

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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