Online class: Advanced Oracle internals & troubleshooting - Shared Pool

Online class: Advanced Oracle internals & troubleshooting - Shared Pool

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Content of "Advanced Oracle internals & troubleshooting - Shared Pool"

The online training class is entirely focused on understanding Oracle's shared pool internals, its implementation and troubleshooting related issues. You will learn about the internal structures (e.g. sub-pools, durations, extents, free-list, LRU, etc.) of the shared pool and how a shared SQL statement (parent / child cursor) is stored in detail (e.g. heaps, KGLOB, KGLH0, SQLA, etc.). It is full of intensive learning, creating and reading memory dumps / stack traces and exploring advanced V$/X$ views.

It covers the Oracle versions starting from 10.2 up to 12.1 and highlights important changes in the shared pool implementation.

Afterwards you will be able to track down and possibly fix or create a work-around for issues like a SQL statement that needs excessively more memory after a database upgrade or an application that continuously or sporadically receives ORA-04031 errors.

I highly encourage you to send me your shared pool related issues, dumps or scenarios in advance - so we can discuss them in the "Q&A or further demonstrations" part of this online training class.


  • Understand the internals and implementation of Oracle's shared pool plus its interaction with the operating system
  • Have the ability to track down, identify and troubleshoot shared pool related database issues (e.g. memory space pressure, ORA-04031 errors, fragmentation, large memory consumer, etc.) in an efficient way


  • The class is not a beginner database class
  • The class is not about SQL tuning or the cost based optimizer (CBO)

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (CEST)

Language: English

Course of action: The class consists of two learning units (each takes round about 1 hour and 15 minutes), a short break of 30 minutes and a following Q&A or further demonstrations.

About the trainer

Stefan Koehler

Stefan Koehler follows his passion about Oracle since +14 years and specialized in Oracle performance tuning, especially in Oracle cost based optimizer (CBO) and database internal related topics. Nowadays he primarily works as an independent Oracle database performance consultant in large mission critical environments (e.g. +10 TB databases) for market-leading companies or multi-billion dollar enterprises in various industries all over the world. He usually supports his clients in understanding and solving complex Oracle performance issues and troubleshooting nontrivial database issues on short-term contracting basis. He is also a proud member of the OakTable Network.

Contact: Website / Twitter / Mail

How to attend my online training class

  1. Purchase a seat / Sign up for my class
  2. Round about one week before the event you will receive the GoToWebinar registration link to attend my class
  3. Download the GoToWebinar software (to avoid the web-only version) and test if it is working on your computer properly
  4. Attend the online training class and let's have fun learning about Oracle internals and hacking or troubleshooting issues
  5. The online training class will be recorded and available for the registered attendees within the same month

In attending my class you agree to have read & understood these points

  • The training will be conducted online in a virtual class - delivered via GoToWebinar service.
  • The attendee is expected to have his/her own means of accessing the online virtual class (e.g. computer, internet connectivity, phone). The system requirements for attending the online training class can be verified here.
  • Each attendee has to purchase a seat - paying for one seat and having several attendees share the same GoToWebinar session is explicitly not allowed.
  • Training handouts will be distributed in PDF format and in attending the class you agree that you will not redistribute these handouts.
  • Neither Soocs nor Stefan Koehler is liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, by following (or not following) the advice in the training material or advice given during the class and any follow-ups. While i advise to only use known-to-be safe techniques and will warn you about any potentially-unsafe techniques, the ultimate responsibility of assessing risk and avoiding any damage to your IT systems always lies in you, the attendee.
  • You can cancel your purchase within 14 days (legal cancellation right) - beginning on the date of purchase. However you are not able / allowed to cancel your purchase if you have already attended the class within these 14 days period.
  • The GoToWebinar registration link for the class will only be provided if the invoice is already settled before the class takes place - this condition affects invoice payment (via wire transfer) option only.

Please send a mail to if you have any questions about the online training class content, schedule, attendance instructions or payment.

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