Yugen with Judith

Judith is a certified Tea Sommelier and energy worker/Kundalini Reiki Master. Her journey into energy work started in 2015 at ‘Mens and Intuïtie’ (Human and Intuition) in the Netherlands – an education of a few years that taught her to work as an energy practitioner. In 2020 she was initiated to Reiki. Since that moment on she started to combine different energy practices and created her own style as a practitioner.

As a Tea Sommelier, Judith imports her own direct trade tea and hosts all kinds of events and workshops with the focus on tea.

The harp has been in Judith’s life since she was 8 years old. She has performed over the years in many different settings, where the main aim always has been to transfer the beautiful sounds of the harp into the hearts of the listeners and to create a supporting and loving space through music.

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