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Ulrich Beier

Kochen Erleben

Making people happy with food is his job. Ulrich received his training at the renowned Hotel “zum Steinernen Schweinchen” in Kassel. As a fresh, young chef, Ulrich set out to make the most exciting and colorful city in Germany his home - he moved to Berlin! There he acquired experience in refined gastronomy at several up-scale restaurants. Having gained skills but wanting to learn even more, Ulrich travelled to Avignon in the French Provence to learn the secrets of the refined French cuisine. After this rich and educational experience, Ulrich wondered: what to do with with all the newly acquired knowledge? He did not want to keep it to himself, so he decided to pass it on, and founded “Kochen-Erleben” (which could be translated as cooking-savouring). The idea of his newly created company is to cook together and to learn and have fun at the same time. Apart from his cooking events, you will find a range of offers on his website. You are welcome explore!

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