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Uhlala GmbH

Welcome to Uhlala

Founded to combine visibility and appreciation of Pandas & Unicorns within the working world, Uhlala is the creator of several and interrelated projects. While these projects differ in regard to the industries approached and the intended participants, they all have in common the desire to build strong communities and networks. For united we stand but divided we fall, to be connected creates the opportunity and space for mutual support and personal as well as professional growth.

Each member of the team represents a different angle of the diversity spectrum, drawing on and bringing in their own experiences as well as their expertise. Thus we practice what we preach when we talk about proud companies: Uhlala is a very proud one.

These are our projects:

ALICE | The LGBTI Network & Summit for Lawyers 
STICKS & STONES | The Pride Career Festival 
PANDA | The Women Leadership Contest 
UNICORNS IN TECH | The Global Tech Community for LGBTI and Straight Allies 
#UNIT | The Global LGBTI Tech & Science Conference 

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