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Trust Temenos

TrustTemenos Leadership Academy

Christine Neidhardt und Olaf Lewitz

We create and weave and seed and grow containers of deep trust, loving appreciation, kind and blunt feedback, high accountability and no tolerance for bullshit.

TrustTemenos Leadership Academy hosts offerings around growing our kind of leadership in the world: humble, aware, compassionate, appreciative, confident, inviting.

  • Our book is ready for you to work with it: Showing Up

  • Our CAL1 trainings give you a two day kick-start (or just kick) of your leadership journey. And a two day deep dive into our ways of deliberately growing relationships within inviting contexts …

  • Our TrustTemenos Leadership Academy offers you deep and caring connections in a small cohort, a 10 months journey of strong intentions, overcoming patterns, a lot of our time and attention … to become the leader you feel called to be: for your life, your team, your project, your organisation.

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