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Tribes of Nothingness

Tribes of Nothingness team:

Ali von Stein is Founder Director of Osho Studio. He has been a meditator for the last 30 years and lived, worked and meditated for many years with the guidance of Osho in India. He worked as an artist, actor and director in New York City and Berlin. Together with Krisana Locke he founded and developed The Meditation Module NYC and created Play2C / Osho Studio in Berlin. His latest project is  a series of meditation retreats in the wild nature of the most southern tip of Spain/Europe.  These retreats are called the 'Tribes of Nothingness'. By training Ali is an actor and theatre director. He is happy and grateful to play his part in this carnival of life, that we all are part of. Ali von Stein is a certifying trainer for Osho Meditation Facilitators.

Rajni Company-Moya has made meditation an essential aspect of her life. Music and singing have been a big influence for her from early on. She is a fully trained OSHO Active Meditations facilitator. Her teaching experiences include hosting meditations at the Forever Now and Agape Zoe festivals in Berlin, the Osho Meditation Camp in Valencia as well as taking care of the ongoing meditation program at Osho Studio Berlin. In 2016 she was part of the facilitator team at Osho Resort International in Pune, India. Rajni is also Colorpuncture practitioner and a certified medical nurse.

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