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The Change Agents and Spacebase

The Change Agents is a team of four international expat coaches and consultants living in Berlin Germany. Each Change Agent is an expert in their field.

Lisa Meilen is an actress, singer and recording artist who brings her deeply intuitive ear and understanding of voice and movement to her clients who are looking for an integration of their inner and outer voices. Lisa has also worked as a children’s music teacher at a private Berlin school, has led workshops, does simultaneous translations and works one-on-one with women and men from all professions and walks of life. ‘Freeing The Female Voice’, is an ongoing workshop for women which will begin in January of 2018.

Eileen Petzold-Bradley, The Cultural Diplomat, is an intercultural trainer, coach, and mediator. Eileen is an American and native of Panama based in Europe in Berlin, Germany for over 20 years now working in various fields and professions including: security policy, environmental management, language education, marketing and public relations. Eileen is an innovative and analytical thinker and an able manager of challenging multi-cultural and cross-functional projects. Her passion is to guide her clients to examine their own visions, create action plans, resolve any relationship and belief blocks, and attempt to mediate and solve group conflicts.

Carl White is a former Legal Advocate who became dissatisfied with the lack of focus on the needs of the client. Now a consultant for 11 years in Berlin for large German companies and entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on building an environment where creativity and talent can flourish.

Jonathan Hermida is a mindset and awakening coach dedicated to helping men and women around the world discover and fully step into their untapped power, potential and purpose. Whether it’s through his tailor made one-on-one coaching programs, interactive workshops or life-changing retreats, Jonathan is committed to creating spaces that support deep and lasting transformation.


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