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We are a leading OEM supplier of smart polymer-based consumables to the in-vitro diagnostics, life sciences and medical technology industries as well as selected segments of the electronic industry.
Over many years of research and development, we have developed a unique combination of skills including nano- and microstructuring, coating technologies, polymer sciences and automated assembly and have set them to work in our mass production facilities.

Our Offer

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Up-scaling
  • Mass manufacturing
  • ISO 13485-certified plant
  • Development engineering services

Our Values

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Safety of supply

Your benefit

  • High quality devices
  • One partner from development to mass-production
  • New and innovative technologies and business models
  • Various prototyping solutions
  • Close interaction with our customers

High-quality and cost-effective manufacturing of precision polymer parts and consumables are of utmost importance in the diagnostics industry as well as other industries.

Our interdisciplinary team of engineers offers full solutions for the fabrication of macro-, micro-, nano-structured and multi-layer polymer devices. Frequently beginning with the redesign of the device of interest we enable industrialization for mass production of precision polymer parts at our ISO13485 certified plant. Product categories:

  • Cartridges for clinical and Point-of-Care IVD
  • Microfluidic devices
  • Micro arrays and arrays substrates
  • Laboratory ware

"We offer an unbeaten value chain. We provide innovative design solutions and reliable manufacturing for increased throughput, standardization, lower assay costs and integration of various functionalities, plus customer focused world-class logistics” says Dr. Georg Bauer, SVP Product Development. 


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