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Second Acts - Reshape your career from Job to Joy

Hi, I am Nadine from Second Acts and I work with people like you who want to love their work, live well, feel GOOD. I believe that life’s too short to be unhappy at work. Therefore, I help people who feel stuck in the wrong career figure out what they really, really want and move into more fulfilling work without any overwhelm or feelings of AAARRGH..... I've reshaped my career myself a few times (from political scientist to corporate learning consultant to entrepreneur and career coach) and couldn't be happier with what I do today...therefore I am determined to help others to do the same. 

During our lives, we spend approximately 80 000 hours at work, so we'd better do something that makes us smile, brings us joy and is meaningful.

It is never too late hit the reset button and start over....every day is a new opportunity, let's go get it!

With Second Acts I specialise in Career Change & Transition and Work-Life Integration & Well-Being.  


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