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Rebels Shots Photographer

"Nasty Silence"

I’ve been clicking shutters since I was a young student, when I had a Ricoh camera that was so busted, it only worked when you held it upside down.

I love fresh air, big skies and a room with a view. I choose to see beauty everywhere.

I never took my photos serious till a few years ago. I have traveled all over the world, seen the Great Pyramids of Egypt, stood inside the Sistine Chapel, ate lunch outside the Eiffel tower, wandered through Monet’s garden and bought wool and wine in Chile. I’ve had coffee in Turkey, sat in massage chairs in Japan, and I once skipped out on visiting the Great Wall of China to buy the Soprano’s box set in a crazy seedy downtown Beijing market.

Locations where I move are Prague - Berlin - Munich - Budapest - Istanbul - Lisboa - Madrid - Barcelona - Amsterdam.

Cheers and enjoy.

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