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Per Juul Poulsen

About your guide

Per Juul Poulsen spends his time as Strategic Innovation Consultant facilitating workshops, initiating and leading award winning projects. 


Developing and implementing best practices for corporate strategy, change management, digital transformation, design thinking and disruptive innovation, he has supported market leaders in their quest for clever solutions in a complex world - and made sure the final solutions actually made it to the market.


With the help of Design Thinking tools, a decade of user experience knowledge and a customer centric mindset, he works with everyone from Fortune 500 companies on a global scale to the most exciting front line startups to deliver world class user experiences.


On stage at One Show China, Innovation Day, Forward Festival, Eurobest, Dubai Innovation Days, Cannes Lions & Digility, and as a participant at SXSW, FoST, TEDx and many more events he picks up trends, tips and movement before it reaches the masses.


His articles, opinions and observations has been printed in internationally media including Co-Founder Magazine, Lead Digital, Global, Horizont, Twelve, Startup Pulse and many more and his teams have received more than 400 international awards and honours.

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