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Orenda is a boutique company specialized in organizing holistic retreats in both Mediterranean and East African regions. We  offer yoga, meditation, counseling, breathing techniques and other disciplines such as dance, and art therapy to cultivate self empowerment inner healing and peace for individuals. 

The length of our retreats varies from a weekend to 5 or 7 days where we focus on small groups to guarantee a personalized attention. We carefully design programs that provide our guests with a truly transformative experience all while enjoying the culture and the natural beauty of our unique locations. In addition to Orenda retreats, we hold workshopsin different countries and regular classes in Menorca.

The heart and soul of Orenda are the experts and teachers that have been handpicked from different corners of the world to bring you a fulfilling experience of wellbeing, self discovery and fun. All achieved through the use of yoga, dance and the arts in luxurious surroundings which can range from a boutique hotel, a rustic farmhouse or the simplicity and beauty of nature. Our current focus is the Mediterranean region, MenorcaMallorca in Spain, Dordogne in France and Tanzania

Each of our retreats has a unique program that has been carefully designed so that our guests have a truly transformative and enriching experience with a combination of energizing and relaxing activities. We focus on creating positive experiences in multicultural setting with programs  designed to help you reach a balanced life through positive change and inner transformation. All of this and more while discovering new cultures and being in true natural settings.

Our retreats are open to everyone wanting to take a break from their busy lives, to unleash or renew their creativity, vitality,and inner peace. You may be  in a life transition  where  more fresh and clear perspectives are needed, or simply to just have a re-cooperating  fun break. No matter what you are looking for our retreats will have something for all. We offer 5 to 7 days retreats in addition to weekends with focus on small groups in order to ensure personalized attention. No previous knowledge of yoga is required.

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