OKR Community of Practice

Sooner or later every OKR Practitioner realises, that the idea behind OKRs seems pretty simple but applying it is rather challenging. Therefore we (Cansel Sörgens, Felix Handler, Núria Lobera) started a while ago a small Community of Practice to share and learn from eachother. After a while we decided to open our sesisons for all OKR Practitioners worldwide. This is how the idea of the Online OKR Lean Coffee was born.

With this series of events we want to offer a platform for the OKR practitioners community to share their experiences, ideas, questions, success and fuck-up stories. It is not about finding solutions or the right answers. It is about sharing different perspectives.

The lean coffee takes place on the 4th Tuesday of each month, 9am (CEST).

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your hosts: Cansel Sörgens, Felix Handler, Núria Lobera

Cansel believes goal achieving doesn’t need to feel like a war to fight but like an adventurous journey. As Business Coach specialised in OKR (since 2016) she guides individuals, teams and organisations on the journey to their goals. Website / Linkedin

Felix is a vision driven person and likes to fight for a better ecological footprint. He likes biking and podcasting. Linkedin

Núria ...