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NuVinci Cycling

Our mission is to move people better through our stepless and automatic shifting product. We want cycling to be simpler, more fun, safer and healthier.

Riding a NuVinci Optimized bike means concentrating less on changing gears and more on what's important. For example, traffic, road hazards, passengers, and just the beauty of your surroundings The products were first launched in 2006 and are backed by over 800 patents. Today, they are available globally in over 100 bicycle and eBike brands.


The unique hub technology
NuVinci Cycling’s unique hub features rotating balls that, over its ratio range, permit an infinite number of ratios between incoming power (from the pedals) and outgoing power (via the chain on the bike). A manual or automatic controller tilts the balls on the horizontal axis, causing the gear ratio to change, and you let up or apply pressure to the pedals accordingly.

As a result, damaged shift cables and maintenance to fix malfunctioning gears are a thing of the past. With the hub from NuVinci Cycling, you will progress effortlessly and stepless from one gear ratio to the next, making pedaling a breeze!

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