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An initiative of the DLR Space Management, INNOspace aims to provide incentives for innovation and the transfer of space to new technologies and application areas through new methodological approaches.

Space is not only scientifically and politically motivated.It calls for more private sector involvement and new business models.

The INNOspace initiative aims to:

- promote innovation in the field of space 
- develop of new applications and markets as well as the commercialisation potential of space travel
- promote technology transfer between space and other industries (spin-off, spin-in) 
- create communication platforms and interfaces between space and non-space
- increase the visibility and technological contribution of space travel to other economic sectors and industries.
- promote of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are innovative and implement technology transfer.

The first INNOspace Weekend is being organised by Design & Data GmbH on behalf of DLR Space Management.

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