Henley Business School Germany GmbH


Henley Business School Germany GmbH is Henley Business School's European location. Specialised in leadership development, Henley Germany operates across the country and internationally, bringing together senior professionals and leaders in a variety of activities.

In 1989, Henley was the first business school in Germany to offer an MBA programme. At a time when the traditional higher education model in Germany consisted of ‘Diploma’ studies and returning to university was rare, Henley dared to offer a postgraduate degree targeted at experienced professionals with an average of ten years of work experience and substantial management experience. The offer soon proved to be compelling and intake numbers grew substantially.

Today, as we celebrate over 30 years in Germany, Henley is one of the leading business schools in the country and is triple accredited putting it in the top 1% of business schools in the world, currently ranked #21 overall by The Economist (2020).

Our main programmes are run from our main campus in central Munich as well as some programmes in Hamburg in partnership with the Business Club Hamburg.

With over 2,000 alumni in Germany Henley has one of the largest alumni groups (over 80.000 worldwide), allowing Henley alumni from all over the world to benefit from direct access to one of the strongest economies in the world.