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GAY-TANTRA® - Armin Heining

Armin Heining, who founded GAY-TANTRA in 1992 and who has been living since then in the true sense of the word, has himself trodden an unparalleled path of transformation in his life ("From a Benedictine Monk to the GAY-TANTRA Guru", see interview).

On the basis of this extraordinary pathway through life, he has gained the ability to empathize with the most diverse aspects of human life and, particularly in the case of gay men, he can offer competent advice, support and direction.

Your Coach

Armin Heining International Coach & Trainer

Participants describe Armin as completely transparent and authentic, warm-hearted and very enthusiastic at the same time. He has gathered long-lasting experience, both by working on himself and together with many hundreds of homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual participants. He uses the most varied instruments to achieve lasting healing and wholeness in body, mind, soul and spirit. GAY-TANTRA uses the strongest of these including the roadmap of the chakras, giving an an idea of personal development, and the tantric energy circles creating deepest intimacy with oneself and a partner.

How you learn

GAY-TANTRA combines the exercises and methods in a sound and integrated sequence which allows body, soul, mind and spirit to re-adjust, grow and regain health. GAY-TANTRA conveys these techniques in theory and practice with all thoroughness.

Your benefit

GAY-TANTRA promotes your personal growth, as well as healing your sexual and vital powers, and is in harmony with society at large. Seminar participants are given the opportunity of accepting their same-sex love as something natural and living their daily lives in keeping with it.

Massages, Workshops, Trainings

GAY-TANTRA Job-Trainings are, when desired, certificated as continuing education courses for medical and psychological professions. With these certifications, received after successfully passed examinations, participants are allowed to promote their own profession.

GAY-TANTRA Workshops, introductory and intensive seminars take place frequently in Europe and are planned to be available also in the United States (organizational support is welcomed).

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