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Futures Space

About Futures Space

Futures Space is a collaborative network of Futurists and Forward Thinkers ready to tackle the future together with organizations.At Futures Space, we trial the future of work by being a new form of network organization that matches not only freelancing Futurists and Forward Thinkers with organizations but also trials project-based collaboration without employment. We do this by facilitating online and offline projects focusing on our future-themed planets: Futures of Cities; Smart Home, Mobility, Work, Marketing. In addition to this, we new ways to incentivize our freelancers and reward their participation while creating long-term memberships with our clients. We transform the way organizations work and think to shape a better future through project-based collaboration. On our planets, we connect industry experts (Residents) with futures experts (Spacewalkers) to take organizations on a transformational journey into the future.

FUTURE SPACE is a venture of Tanja Schindler - Legal Notice

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