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Florian Eberhart & Jörn Hendrik Ast

Florian Eberhart is the authority on starting sales conversations. He implements proven, effective and repeatable sales process' and strategy to spark buyers curiosity about what you're selling. He's a sought-after sales prospecting and communication trainer to individuals and teams across the globe. He's an accomplished entrepreneur and mentor at various accelerators, founder of StartYourSales.

Jörn Hendrik was a career changer right away. Starting as a craftsman in the family business of his father, he quickly discovered his talent as a salesman. For more than a decade he proved his sales and leadership-skills in B2C and B2B sales-companies. But his vision to change business by making it a more transparent and people-centric world, finally led him to change tie and cubefarm with laptop and coworking-space. He founded several projects and companies, wrote two books and works as a freelance Scrum Master and Facilitator.

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