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Expat-preneurs Düsseldorf

Launched in November 2017, Expat-preneurs is a Networking & Growth Platform for English-speaking expat and local entrepreneurs in Düsseldorf, Germany and nearby area.

Expat-preneurs is all about being part of the network, getting and sharing advice, as well as being inspired by success stories of others.


We host monthly Expat-preneur Talks events which provide with an opportunity to receive advice and listen to experts within such areas as legal & tax, founding process, product/service development, marketing & sales, export market entry, human resources, investment and other. Also, Expat-preneur Talks provide a platform where to network and mingle with other entrepreneurs, and is a source for inspiration to people that are developing business ideas on the side of their 9 to 5.


Expat-preneur Talks


Join us and create your expat entrpereneur success story now!




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