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This project starts from the synergy of the experience of people that are in the music field from a while. Anyone of them have lived and deepened different aspects of the same scene. That is why the union of the many visions creates an environment that allows the music to express itself in all its forms, in all its eclecticism. The purpose of it is to make music not only a moment of dance and listening but a real life experience: hence the name ECLECTIQUE. this project will also include an area of musical and visual experimentation and has the ambition of proposing artists who fully live and feel music in a deeply way and caring all his evolutions. This Concept involve the essence and soul of the sub-cultural Berlin; no other city could preserve with pride the attention and care for the cultural scene for the people that still want to communicate something. It’s with the same energy, ideals, beliefs and strength of the pre-wall Berlin that the events ECLECTIQUE, keeps alive the rebellion spirit of those times, united in the seek of a path that will bring us together for a more noble, objective goal: which is the evolution and expression of the human being, creating a cultural space and a gathering point, to keep alive the flame of the spirit of union, freedom, equality, free will and rights, development and confrontation. This is why it is important for us to propose a range of artists who have suffered and struggled for their music as an experimentation and communication of themselves. For this there will be a part dedicated to the sound and to the visual experience in order to induce, trigger each individual into a personal experience, not just according to our way of seeing. It is about being capable to arouse and bring out that hidden and protected place we all have, which means the uniqueness of our inner treasure. Once again, ECLECTIQUE. ECLECTIQUE comes to the rescue not only to represent various musical genres, not only to represent various expressions but also to express that everyone will have a personal experience in just letting go, living, feeling and being. Free.

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