COFFI Festival Berlin ◈ Interdisciplinary Italian Art

The COFFI Festival Berlin is an interdisciplinary art festival with origins in Italy. It connects creative minds with an italian background and people from other cultures and disciplines

It takes place 1-3 September 2017 at KühlhausBerlin. The theme is CONTAMINAZIONE.

It was brought to Berlin in 2014 and comes from Angri (Salerno) in Italy, where it takes place as a film festival since 2004. Soon it was clear that the Berlin edition wanted to include more art forms than just film and it grew every year: no matter if art exhibition, performances, music, movies, food, workshops, startups or streetart.

In the meantime we organize little events to get inspired and connected.

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We are always looking for team members, artists and sponsors. Don't hesitate to contact us

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