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Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research of the University of Salzburg

The Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research (CEPR) of the University of Salzburg is an interdisciplinary research institution with multiple integrations in national and international institutions and networks. It is dedicated to the research of poverty and social exclusion, in particluar in relation to questions of ethics and philosophy. The CEPR has currently members with backgrounds in social geography, political science, theology, history, literature studies, and philosophy.

The CEPR acrries out (externally funded) research projects, organizes workshops and conferences, both for researchers as well as practitioners and policy makers, and its members regularily publish research papers and peer-reviewed volumes, special issues and monographs as well as reports and books aimed at a lay audience.

​Since the 2013 the CEPR organizes an annual conference on changing focus themes. These conferences are interdisciplinary and open to all interested researchers, practitioners and policy makers. They aim to bring together current research on poverty, inequality and social exclusion and to discuss policies and other measures of poverty alleviation. All abstracts that are submitted to be included in the conference program are reviewed.

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