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Bake This is Munich's English speaking, international improv troupe. We've been mixing it up since 2011, performing regularly and challenging ourselves to take risks on and off stage. Our name, Bake This, derives from our original rehearsal space in a small bakery and reflects our diversity in blending comedy with serious theatrical elements. In addition to our monthly performances, Bake This has performed at TEDx, Germany’s Biggest English-German Comedy Show, the INTERACT fair at TUM Graduate School, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and The Bavarian International School. We’ve also led improv workshops for the Graduate School of Neurosciences at LMU, the Expat in the City Fair, as well as various schools and businesses around the city. Over the years, we've had the pleasure of being trained by such improv legends as Patti Stiles, Jill Bernard, Lee White, Inbal Lori, Rod Ben Zeev, Derek Flores, Bart Van Loon, Anna Renzenbrink, Lisa Rowland, and Roland Trescher. Bake This loves to bake it big on stage, and if it can be belted out in song, even better - big emotions, big fun!

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