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Anna Caroline Türk

Anna Caroline Türk is The Creatrix of TruthCircles™ and she’s passionate to change the Leadership Paradigm of entrepreneurs and corporations.

Anna Caroline empowers leaders across the globe to be in business with their true purpose. She teaches how to create a culture of leadership and she enables companies and individuals to create liberating structures for ongoing inspiration, connection and action.

She works with heart-centered entrepreneurs and provides them with the tools to remember their personal medicine and lead from a new paradigm.

As a mesmerizing large group facilitator and a holistic consultant, Anna Caroline is a Leadership Catalyst in her own right. She has worked with companies such as Soundcloud, Etsy and Wikipedia and facilitated groups ranging from 20 to 800 people.

Anna Caroline’s Facilitation Magic is said to be ‘pure medicine’ for people’s hearts and minds as well as for their businesses.

Anna Caroline lives in the heart of Berlin, her city of birth, surrounded by friends and collaboration partners from all around the globe.

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