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ACF self sefense & stress reduction München-Zürich-Shanghai

ACF self defense & stress reduction München-Zürich-Shanghai   ACF self defense Munich-Zurich-Shanghai

Please enjoy our offer!

WE: successfully teaching Martial Arts and effective stress reduction since years national and international. 

- Self defense courses and workshops with mixed and women-only groups. Good mood, with fun for all!
- Martial Arts, japanese Karate and Jiu-J itsu are our passion and profession. Some instructors mix it with Boxing without contact, Kickboxing, stretching, also with fun for you!
- Corporate health management and workplace health promotion

and: effective stress reduction courses and workshops in group or personal coaching  


- 4 Blackbelt Master Degrees.
japanese Karate and Jiu-Jitsu from internationally recognized grandmasters from Germany, Kazakhstan and Turkey. All diplomas acknowledged by government and national organisations.

Among my teachers are coaches of the triumphal Turkish national team, masters from the Angolan military, instructors from specialized police tactical units, Karate masters, Kobudo and Jiu Jitsu masters from Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

(Dr.) Elisabeth:

- Blackbelt, 2 Dan Karate Master Degree  from internationally recognized grandmasters from Germany and Turkey. All diplomas acknowledged by government and national organisations.


special Instructor for Fitness Boxing and Kickboxing, Skyboxing without contact, Fitness, Stretching and loosing wight courses. Also with fun and learning for you during the time! He has more than 20 years experience.


our assistant in lessons and workshop with more than 10 years experience in Martial Arts. She supports and assists us occasionally.

and friends & guests:

from different countries, Switzerland, Gernany, China, Japan, Turkey, Spain .....

www.self-defense-course..com - www.self-defense-women.de  - Insragram - LinkedIn

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