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ZOOM Online Satsang with John David

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ZOOM Online Satsang with John David. A wonderful opportunity to dive from home into a loving energy field of Satsang.

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Online Satsang with John David

John David creates a space where we can meet ourselves differently.

Through his love and clarity we come into a deep acceptance of ourselves and the world around us.

- An intimate atmosphere with like-minded people

- Engage One to One with John David

- Talks on Non Duality and how to live Spirituality in every day life

In a group of like-minded people from different countries we connect to what is really important to us.

The loving Satsang energy field allows us to share our individual experience and insights and gives space to the deep longings of our hearts.

Meeting will be held in English, German translation possible if needed

How to Join the Meeting:

Please register prior to the meeting.

You receive a link via Email to access the meeting on Saturday.

Click the link in the Email and install the Zoom app.

A window opens where you can click 'Join with Video'.

Then a window opens where you can test your Audio settings (Speaker and Microphone). Please follow the instructions to make sure your microphone and audio works well

Please log into the meeting 15min before the start.

How to talk to John David

On your Computer

If you want to talk to John David, please click on 'Participants’ on the bottom menu bar, then click on 'raise hand’ on the bottom right corner of the window on the right side.

On your Smartphone

On the bottom menu bar click on the 3 dots and choose 'raise hand’.

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Veranstalter John David Satsang

Veranstalter von ZOOM Online Satsang with John David

John David is a non duality teacher, author and film director.

His meetings are a chance to reconnect to the deepest part of your being and come in contact with the love inside of you. This is not romantic love, but unconditional love, which is the essence of life itself.

John David grew up in England and worked as an architect in London and Japan. Successful on the outside there was still something lacking inside, which led him to an inner journey. He was guided to Oshos Ashram in India where he lived for many years.

After Osho passed away he went to Papaji, (H.W.L. Poonja) where a profound awakening happened. He stayed with Papaji for five years, grounding the moment of awakening.

In 2000 he started sharing in meetings in Australia. He travelled all over the world to find and interview Indian, European, Australian and American spiritual teachers. In this way he collected their wisdom on film and in books Blueprints for Awakening, so that it may be there for future generations.

In 2003 he moved to Germany offering meetings all over Europe. In 2004 the Open Sky House Satsang and Art Community formed spontaneously around him out of a retreat. Today there are three places, near Cologne in Germany, near Kiev in Ukraine and near Valencia in Spain, where John David works and shares closely and intensely with his students. Students who don`t live in the community meet regularly in Sangha groups.

In all three places everybody can meet John David in Satsang meetings, retreats and individual sessions. You can spend time in his community at any time as a guest or volunteer.

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