Yoni Egg Initiation - a Journey to Sensuality & Self-love


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Yoga Tribe K3

17 Rüdigerstrasse

8045 Zürich


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Yoni Egg Initiation – a magical Journey to Sensuality & Self-love

Are you ready to be introduced to the secrets of Yoni Eggs?

Saturday, 1 June 2019, 1-6pm | Yoga Tribe K3, Zurich

This is an invitation to all women to embark on a magical journey to more self-love, sensuality and connection to their feminine sexual essence.

The initiation into the Yoni Egg is a beautiful ritual and sharing this event with a group of women is something very special. This workshop will introduce you to an ancient, fascinating method of Tao of Love. Through powerful and tender body and heart experiences you will gently dive into your sacred feminine energy. The Yoni Egg gives women the opportunity to experience in a healing way a deeper connection to themselves and their sacred temple, the place of wisdom, radiance and power. Through the exercises with the Yoni Egg, the youthful beauty and vitality will be maintained into old age. In Sanskrit, the term yoni stands for vagina and means "holy temple".

Would you like to

  • Connect more with your pelvic floor, increase the sensitivity of your yoni and at the same time create a deeper connection to your heart?

  • Tap into your creative energy and passionate self?

  • Experience safe and deep orgasms?

  • Accept and love yourself as a woman, make your femininity shine?

  • Deepen your intimacy as an expression of love and redefine your relationship to sexuality?

  • Balance hormones, menstrual and menopausal symptoms?

  • Feel emotions and release traumatic experiences and blockages?

  • Awaken your vitality, gain more pleasure, self-confidence and well-being?

  • Learn practical techniques how to nourish your inner goddess everyday?

Then this workshop is for you.

The workshop includes

  • Sensual Yoga for more self-confidence, to strengthen your body and to enjoy more pleasure

  • Chakra Balancing Meditation

  • Kundalini activation

  • Practices to ignite your female sexual energy and keep this energy flowing

  • Heart-opening meditation for vulnerability and resilience

  • Exercises for hormonal balance

  • Learning authentic communication to express wishes and boundaries

  • Initiation to the Yoni yoga technique

  • How to experience multiple orgasms and whole body orgasms

The workshop is held in a safe and respectful environment.

Where does the Yoni Egg come from?

The use of stone eggs to strengthen yoni is an ancient practice that originated in ancient China. These secret practices were for a long time only known at the imperial court and introduced the concubines and of course the wife of the emperor to the artistic use of the love eggs. Since earliest times the exercises were done to improve the physical and spiritual well-being of women.

The yoni egg is a wonderful instrument to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and the female pelvic floor, which serves as a support for all vital organs of the body. When these muscles are powerful, they help us to preserve our life energy.

This workshop will give you deep insights into the sacred aspects of your femininity and will introduce you lovingly and attentively to the work and use of love eggs.

Please bring

Comfortable yoga clothes
Warm socks
Sarong or skirt
Big bath towel
Two bowls with coconut oil

Your investment

CHF 297.- includes:
-5 h Workshop
-Yoni Egg set with Jade, Rosequartz and Obsidian worth CHF 147.-
-Snacks and drinks

Cancellation policy

No refund of tickets. If you have to cancel short-term due to illness, you will be able to attend one of the upcoming Yoni Egg Initiations.

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Yoga Tribe K3

17 Rüdigerstrasse

8045 Zürich


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