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8002 Zürich


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Refund policy

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WOMEN'S HUB - Your space to thrive. Your stage to grow. Your community to rise by lifting others. Your movement to change the world.

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The WOMEN’S HUB is a vibrant community that fosters collective growth. Our goal is to support each other in becoming the boldest, truest version of ourselves - whatever that looks like for each of us. We empower each other, both personally and professionally. We believe being vulnerable makes us stronger.

The WOMEN’S HUB DAY ZURICH provides us with a stage where we can share our deepest visions and dreams so that other women can help us realize them. Vague ideas and concrete plans - we welcome all, and love propelling them forward together.

You will get to know each other, exchange ideas, and inspire each other. Throughout the day several women will present on our stage. The HUB TALKS are from women (you!) who want to share their ideas, visions, and projects and receive in-depth reflections from the audience. There will also be a special INSPIRATION TALK by an external speaker. You will get plenty of opportunities to get to know the other participants on a deep level during the interactive parts of the program. And of course, there will be informal encounters throughout the day during the breaks or in the evening with a glass of wine.

Expect to leave the WOMEN’S HUB DAY ZURICH filled with inspiration and a bunch of women you can reach out to for personal quests or professional opportunities the rest of your life!


09:00 - 09:30 Check-in, coffee and mingle
09:30 - 10:00 Welcome and connecting hearts
10:00 - 12:00 Women on stage Part I - Talk, reflection and feedback
12:00 - 13:00 We are the HUB - getting to know each other
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 - 16:00 Inspiration Workshop & Story Trio
16:00 - 18:00 Women on stage Part II - Talk, reflection and feedback
18:00 - 18:30 Thank you and good bye
18:30 - 20:30 Apéro Time

Come on stage!!!

The stage is yours! Would you like to share your vision, idea, dream with the other women? Secure your place on the WOMEN'S HUB stage - when you buy your ticket, simply state your interest and topic and we will select the ‘Women on Stage’ before the DAY.

Please note that the sign-up for speakers for this DAY is now closed. You can still let us know you're interested in being on stage when you sign up, so we know you might be interested in sharing your story at the next WOMEN'S HUB DAY.

You can find more information about the day here.

Find out more about the WOMEN'S HUB in this little video (turn on subtitles for English translation)


We are very honored that the following ladies will share their stories with you on February 5th!

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Sandy Kaufmann: Heal your heart heal the world

Sandy is no stranger to love affairs. For years, she was accumulating sentimental failures with men who didn’t want to commit and were cheating on her.

She read tons of self-help books and even tried psychotherapy, but she kept repeating the same patterns.

Until one day, everything changed. By healing herself she found the love of her life, and even made it her mission to help single women to identify what stops them from finding love and transform it so that they can finally find and live a fulfilled love relationship.

In her talk, Sandy will share her personal journey to heal her heart that motivates her now to be a love coach and to soon create a holistic coaching school.

		WOMEN'S HUB DAY ZURICH May 14th 2022 image

Laurence Kozera: Step out of the shadow

After years in the corporate world while living all over Europe, Laurence became a working mother and believed that she could do it all: maintain the fast pace at work and match the highest standards of motherhood. She only had to stretch herself a bit more.

Four years and a second child later, she realized that she had become a shadow of herself. She felt like she was disappointing at home, at work, with her family and friends. Everything had become an enormous to-do list with little energy left to enjoy life.

When the gap between her current self and her true self became too unbearable, she listened closely to her heart, and decided she had to let go of her job at Google, despite all the perks and promising trajectory, and proceed to a full reboot.

Laurence is now starting her own consultancy to support companies around FemTech and Women Rights. In her talk, she will share her journey, and she would love to hear your ideas and potential needs, either around her incubating business or your own journey.

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Cristina-Andreea Moraru: Exploring spirituality through science

For a long time, Cristina struggled to reconcile her rationality with her spirituality. It simply felt “wrong” to her.

Trained as a psychology and educational researcher, for over 10 years she leaned heavily on her scientific thinking. The problem was, this rational side couldn’t make sense of her spiritual side. Cristina felt that she should know better than giving into her very human desire to find meaning in life.

This all started to change once Cristina decided to stop making herself wrong for having an attraction to spirituality, and chose instead to lean into it and see where it leads her. Gradually, people, knowledge and opportunities appeared that helped Cristina see ways in which her rational side can actually help her make sense of her spiritual side, and help her embrace it.

At the WOMEN’S HUB DAY, Cristina will reveal how this journey inspired the idea for her new business that aims to popularize and demystify explorations of spirituality through a scientific lens, and share with us what she needs to make her big vision happen.

		WOMEN'S HUB DAY ZURICH May 14th 2022 image

Polina Suppé: Don’t give up

Quitting your job after 10 years to go traveling during a pandemic may sound like a bad idea at first glance, but it wasn’t for Polina.

In fact, sharing food during her travels gave Polina the idea to start a salad-free salad-bar, and upon return she promptly joined an accelerator program to turn her business idea into reality, supported by her friends and professionals in the food business.

Unfortunately, she recently ran into a financial squeeze, and she took a job in her ‘old’ world, initially feeling terrible about the defeat.

But that’s not the end of her journey, it’s only the beginning. Polina’s talk will make you see that overcoming adversities is simply part of the process - and that talking about your story will help you attract the right people to make your dream happen.

		WOMEN'S HUB DAY ZURICH May 14th 2022 image


Did you know that according to ancient traditions the best way for women to meditate is not by sitting still, it’s by moving your body?

That’s exactly what we are going to do in Marica’s and Sarah’s ‘Feel your rhythm’ workshop!*

Sarah will teach us the basics of body percussion. We will learn all kinds of ways to drum on our bodies: one of the best ways to express rhythm and make music without needing any other devices. Our bodies provide plenty of possibilities to produce sounds like clapping, patting, snipping, stomping, hitting the chest. We also include our voice to support the groove and to learn quickly different interesting patterns.

You will be surprised what you’ll experience doing body percussion in a group!

After that Marica will guide us while we dance to the sound of drums, as a way to free our mind, release stress, get into the groove and connect to other women on a deeper level.

Do you think dancing and drumming is not for you, because you're bad with rhythm, or shy, or believe drumming is for men?

Think again!

Sarah and Marica believe there is no right or wrong when enjoying music. They will gently guide us in exploring the magic of drumming and dancing with a group of women, and invite you to discover new activities, sounds and movements, and just enjoy the moment.

In their own words: “We would love to drum and dance with you, regardless of whether you think you are able or not: all we care about is smiling, celebrating the moment and the beauty of life, and feeling good. Let’s connect and feel part of something bigger!

*in accordance with COVID-19 protocol


Q: Can I definitely hold a WOMEN'S HUB TALK when I sign up for a WOMEN'S HUB DAY?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this. More women always sign up for giving a talk than we have places for. We try very hard to make sure that women who have been to several events can be on stage.

Q: I don't have a definite vision that I can share - am I at the right place anyway?

A: Absolutely. We are all on a journey and want to develop. Some women have a dream, some have a concrete vision, and some only have a vague feeling that there is more to them that wants to be discovered.

Q: Do I have to prepare for the WOMEN'S HUB DAY in any way?

A: No, unless you want to give a HUB TALK. Otherwise, everyone introduces themselves briefly, but this happens in a very relaxed way. We also ask you to fill out your profile in the member area of this website where you will find all women who have already participated in a WOMEN'S HUB DAY.

Q: What's the value of attending the WOMEN’S HUB DAY if I don't give a talk?

A: It only becomes really exciting outside our comfort zone ... every woman benefits and brings something different. You listen to the stories of other women, become inspired by them, give them feedback, and connect with kindred spirits. You can make personal contacts in the interactive parts of the day and think about when and with which story you want to go on stage.

Q: How can I connect with the other women? 

A: The heart of the WOMEN'S HUB are the DAYS - where it is certainly easiest to connect and network with other women. Many mastermind groups and friendships started at the DAYs. Furthermore, all women who have already been to a WOMEN'S HUB DAY in a given city have access to a private Facebook group to exchange, inspire, and motivate each other. And through the member area of this website you can also show your story - be part of it!

Q: How can I contact the organizer if I have questions?

A: Just send an email to:

Please note, that we are aware that there are a lot of uncertainties planning an event like this these days. Since your and our health is very important to us, we are following the existing protocols and are doing what we can to make the location as safe as possible for you.

Adhering to the COVID measurements currently in place, we will ask you to provide a 2G certificate and (potentially) a negative test result (2G+). This might be subject to change.

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Date and time



Rieterstrasse 6

8002 Zürich


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Refund policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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