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«One Belt One Road» (OBOR) or «The New Silk Road» Initiative is one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever. The initiative extends far beyond the development of infrastructure and transport links between Europe and Asia. A comprehensive infrastructure network is to be created in Eurasia. China as the driving force and main investor has provided US $ 40 billion in the framework of the Silk Road Fund. They are to be used to build new roads, railways, pipelines or ports. The first funding project of the Silk Road Fund is the Karot Hydropower Project in Pakistan (construction started in January 2016, planned completion 2020) as part of the China-Pakistan economic corridor. Other projects in the Central Asian region have also started already.

According to official data, Chinese companies are said to have invested around US $ 11.2 billion in 51 countries along the OBOR initiative from January to September 2016.

For Swiss companies, there are business opportunities along this huge initiative. There are opportunities in the energy sector (energy supply, distribution, storage) as well as subcontractors or suppliers for other general contractors. Also in the expansion of ports, engineering, in logistics, railway and marine technology, or even in the agricultural and food sector.

In this webinar, you will receive an overview on the scope of the initiative and the most recent developments. Furthermore, you will find out about the business potential for Swiss companies along OBOR. This webinar not only focusses on China but on the whole region along the «New Silk Road». A special focus will be on Central Asia, being the important link between China and Europe.


  • Overview of the Initiative / Financing
  • Why is the issue of importance for Swiss companies?
  • How can Swiss companies participate in the projects?
  • Country / regional specific Features

Michael Kühn / Senior Consultant Russia / Switzerland Global Enterprise
Felix Sutter / Head Asia Desk, Risk Assurance Services / PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
Simeon Probst / Director, Leader Customs Consulting / PricewaterhouseCoopers AG

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