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The submission process is over! Nominees will be announced in the beginning of November. Stay tuned!

NEW submission deadline: September 29!

IMPORTANT: In order to complete your application, please make sure to submit all details of your project by Sunday, September 29th 2019. Submit here!

Please pay the submission fee once for each category you want to apply to, before submitting your project.
Example: If you want to submit your project for only 1 category you only need to pay for 1 ticket. If you want to submit your project for 2 categories, you need to pay 2 tickets. And so on.

Thank you!

The VR NOW Awards

The VR NOW Awards honor and highlight the greatest achievements in VR, AR, MR and 360° video. Participants can submit to four different categories, while all nominees compete for the Grand Prize. This years VR NOW Awards will be held as part of the ​MediaTech Hub Conference​ at Potsdam, Germany on November 19th, 2019.

The VR NOW Awards run yearly since 2016 and are Europe’s first awards dedicated to Virtual Reality projects.

The VR NOW Awards 2019 are curated and organized by Booster Space on behalf of VRBB.


Nominees will receive 2 free MediaTech Hub Conference tickets and access to the award show.

Each of the nominees will also receive the possibility to show their project during the event and a mention in the pre-event press release.

Each of the award winners will receive a famous VR-Winkebär trophy, a 1-year VRBB-association membership and a mention in the post-event press release, in addition to the honor that goes with winning a VR NOW Award.

Award Categories

Following the program structure of the MediaTech Hub Conference, the VR NOW awards are organized by two main pillars: Applied (industry) VR and Entertainment VR

Three projects will be nominated for each of the following categories:

Learning Solution:
Seeks to recognize outstanding projects that offer high quality training simulations and bear great educational value.

Highlights innovative and functional business-to-business and marketing projects, visualizations, applications and solutions.

Cinematic Experience:
Acknowledges outstanding non-interactive 360° videos and animations.

Interactive Experience:
Celebrates outstanding immersive experiences that use the full range of possibilities and designed choices, allowing meaningful actions in virtual worlds.

All the nominated projects in the above categories will compete for the VR NOW Grand Prize.

The VR NOW Grand Prize honors the best of the best, being awarded based on overall quality, innovation, impact, environmental responsibility and relevance.

Previous VR NOW Award winners include:

Volucap (Volucap), B. Braun Aesculap Spine VR (NUMENA Virtual Reality Architects), Escape the Lost Pyramid (Ubisoft Blue Byte), Vestige (NSC Creative), Foren Method (The Vrain), HolodeckVR (HolodeckVR), LISIM – Simulator für Turmdrehkrane (Stoll von Gáti GmbH), HUXLEY (EXIT VR), The Climb (Crytek), Immersive Deck (Illusion Walk KG), HERE Next Generation Automotive Services (HERE), Accounting (Crows Crows Crows).


Any XR project is eligible as long as it has not been exhibited or released to the public before January 2018. Submission must be compatible with one or more of the following platforms:

Daydream, Gear VR, HTC Vive (consumer version), Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift (consumer version), Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR.

Projects not compatible with any of these platforms can still be submitted, as long as the applicant provides the jury an opportunity to evaluate them in Berlin, Germany.

Projects can be submitted to more than one category, but award management and jury reserve the right to consider a project unfitting by category description.

Even though called VR NOW Awards, any Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality project is eligible. XR is used as a placeholder indicating that there are no restrictions in this matter.

Application Fees

Early Bird fee (ends August 15, 2019): 35 EUR + Eventbrite/VAT

Regular fee (ends September 29, 2019): 50 EUR + Eventbrite/VAT

Please note: Submitting a project for the VR NOW Awards and paying the application fee on this page does not give you access to the award show. Only VR NOW Award nominees and MTHC ticket holders will receive a complimentary ticket.

Once the application fee has been paid on this page, please submit your project here!

Jury and Selection Process

Submitted projects are reviewed in two rounds by an independent jury of renowned creators, founders, curators, journalists, investors and other representatives from the XR, tech and media industry.

During the first round the jury will nominate 3 projects in each of the following categories: Learning Solution, Visualization, Cinematic Experience and Interactive Experience. A separate jury group will then decide on winners in each category and select the winner of the Grand Prize. All the nominated projects in the above categories will compete for the VR NOW Grand Prize.

Jury members will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Got Questions?

If you have any issues or questions, please get in touch with vrnowcon@booster-space.com

Once the application fee has been paid on this page, please submit your project here!

Good Luck!

PS: Timeline and eligible platforms are subject to change.

Host: Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin-Brandenburg
Organized by: Booster Space
In cooperation with: MediaTech Hub Management Potsdam
The Award Show is part of: MediaTech Hub Conference
The VR NOW Awards are funded by: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

VR NOW Official Website: www.vrnowcon.io
VR NOW Email: vrnowcon@booster-space.com

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