Vision Dance, Conscious Dance, Ecstatic Dance

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Vision Dance, Conscious Dance, Ecstatic Dance

When dance and meditation meet transformation is possible!

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Urban Healing Unit Moosdorfstraße 7-9 12435 Berlin Germany

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About this event

This dance meditation offers you to dive deep into your emotions and transform your fears, worries, anger and depressed feelings into trust, joy and love.

Join us in this Unio Mystica experience, in which your duality disappears and you become ONE with the Whole. You will discover how to dissolve and melt into the dance to reconnect with the existence to truly feel alive.

Every class is dedicated to different themes. We connect to the power of the earth and to the wide space of the existence. We dance through different visions, archetypes and elements, we travel into the underworld and upper world, we move through time and space to shine as bright as the stars. We express our emotions, transcend them and let them flow to reconnect to our pure being.