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Vibrant Heart Tantra - Inner Alchemy of Intimacy


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Vibrant Heart

Inner Alchemy of Intimacy

09. - 11.11.2018

Ipsalu Tantra, Deep Honesty, Biodynamic Breathwork, Conscious Touch

Vibrant Heart is series of 2 Tantra weekend seminars, designed to lead you into a touching heart expansion to encourage your authentic self expression, trust, joy, healing and deeper self love.

The focus of the first weekend “Inner Alchemy of Intimacy” is about feeling into myself and staying present with myself and in relation to others.

The second weekend “Alchemy of Touch and Relating” focuses on authentic and nourishing ways of connecting to each other to transform old patterns of relating that don't serve me.

The two weekends complement each other in their content and methods and for your deeper learning and transformation we recommend you to attend both of them. If this is not an option for you right now, you can attend both weekends separately.

Are you longing for a deeper acceptance of yourself, feel more complete and create the experiences you are longing for?

With the powerful combination of Ipsalu Tantra, Radical Honesty, Biodynamic Breathwork and Conscious Touch we designed mindfully a programme for you to

  • Create the deep intimacy you are longing for

  • Learn to channel your sexual energy

  • Restore your vitality by releasing repressed emotions and underlying body tensions

  • deepen your sense of aliveness and emotional intelligence

  • communicate more honestly and directly

  • Relate to others more naturally and playfully

  • Notice, communicate and embody your desires and boundaries

  • Give and receive nourishing and healing touch.

As a group we will raise together in our awareness and create a transforming and safe container to deal with, to allow and to feel your way through everything that arises. Through allowing yourself to fully feel, you connect to your embodied wisdom, your intuition.

Tools / Methodology:

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga:

Ipsalu is a time honored brand of tantra which offers a complete integrity, insightful practices and a consistent 3 level path. It is a complete path that helps clear repressed emotional energy held in the body, open energy pathways, balance male/female energies, raise emotional and spiritual level of awareness.

The practice includes some of the most powerful techniques in the world, drawn from several tantric traditions as yogic, Taoist, Tibetan & Osho, Promoting healing, health, vitality, joy, peace, pleasure, deeper intimacy, consciousness and connections.

Deep Honesty:

We use the core teachings of so called Radical Honesty. I, Michael, am not yet a certified trainer in Radical Honesty and in training, so I call it Deep Honesty until then. Radical Honesty is an Out Loud social Meditation of what you notice. That means living in the here and now and getting in direct and honest contact with others and to create deep intimate connections.

You learn simple and effective communication tools for your everyday life to worry and stress yourself less, to have more silence in your head and to get more in your life, what you really want.

Radical Honesty claims that lying and withholding are one of the main causes of our suffering, stress and loneliness. An honest contact can release a lot of energy, which can be used instead of lying and auditioning for your creativity, relationships and a happier life.

Biodynamic Breathwork:

This is a powerful tool to access your self healing abilities. Through various techniques such as breath, pulsations and bioenergetics you are encouraged to relax and release repressed emotions and underlying body tensions, allowing the integration of previously unresolved issues and experiences.

You will be guided into a state of expanded consciousness using deep connected breathing - thus flooding the body with oxygen and allowing for any trapped energies, emotions or traumas to rise to the surface, to complete their expression and be cleared from your body, leaving you feeling more whole and integrated.

Conscious Touch:

Conscious Touch is a simple and direct way to nourish yourself and create healing experiences in relation to others and to re-connect to your natural aliveness, sensuality and pleasure. This is a touch that promotes closeness of human beings without necessarily aiming for a sexual encounter.

It is a practice of deeper listening inside of yourself and to others. It leads to a direct expression and experience of your desires and boundaries. You step beyond conceptual ways of relating and touching and you free yourself from your own limitations related to intimacy and sensuality.

Who is it for:

This workshop is for singles & couples, beginners & advanced and any sexual orientation and gender.


09. - 11.11.2018

The workshop is non-residential. If you look for a place to stay, the venue offers a few Airbnb spots and can support you in finding a place nearby. Please get in contact with Michael or Katerina for further details.

Friday: 19 - 22:00h

Saturday: 10 - 21:30h

Sunday: 10 - 18:00h


Details will be provided after booking.


The workshop will be lead by Katerina Foltova and Michael Kreuzwieser


£250 - early bird until 15th October

£300 - regular


Katerina Foltova


Michael Kreuzwieser



Vibrant Heart weekend seminars in London

1. Inner Alchemy of Intimacy

09. - 11.11.2018

Ipsalu Tantra, Radical Honesty, Biodynamic Breathwork, Conscious Touch


2. Alchemy of Touch and Relating


Ipsalu Tantra, Conscious Touch & Sensuality, Radical Honesty, Emotional Release,Playful Relating



About the facilitators:

Katerina Foltova

A Rainbow free spirit, natural healer of many paths of life. Born in Czech Republic. Hatha and Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, Shiatsu Thai massage therapist, Biodynamic breath and trauma release practitioner, Reiki & Deeksha giver, Initiated into plant medicine paths with Huichol and Shipibo tribes.

“My journey has started 11 years ago in India by 21 day process of Deeksha energetic transmission program, where profound healing took place and I was initiated as a Diksha giver into the path of a healer. Only after many years of working with energy, practicing and teaching yoga, trauma release, breathwork, working with plant medicines and healing myself, I found a path of Tantra. The Ancient alchemical path of transformation through the inner forces of life, which allows us to connect deeper with oneself, with others and with all forms of life. During the group sessions I share the knowledge and practices to purify, cleanse; tools to recycle our sexual energy, our thoughts, our emotions and beliefs.”

Katerina has completed the advance teacher training with Nayano Burdine, the elder teacher of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga system, following Osho's red Tantra and Babaji's white Tantra teachings. She has the level 1 & 2 Cosmic Cobra Breath initiation which accelerated her healing of many deep traumas regarding sexuality, bringing awareness on how to effectively use her vital energy. It has been now 5 successful years she travels around the world with the Ipsalu workshops

Latest workshops and classes held in Berlin are fusions organized with creative teachers and healers: Tantra Tango, Bellydance Tantra, Tantra sweat lodges, Shamanic Tantra Retreats and Shamanic Breathing Ceremonies, Liquid Tantra, Cacao Tantra Ecstatic and Tantra Rebirth Weekend Retreats.





Michael Kreuzwieser:

I am a researcher of Tantra, presence, deep intimate connections, conscious touch, consens, Radical Honesty and embodiment. I have a deep passion and love for people and to support each other to go beyond our conditioning into our natural beauty and full love for life and others. I am very committed to support people in expanding out of their routines and believes and to come to inner peace & silence and full authentic self expression. I am a creator of safe spaces to explore Tantra, deep honesty, sensuality, transforming touch and embodiment - to spread more self awareness, self love and finally self responsibility. To realise that I am the creator of everything, my joy and my suffering and that I am fully responsible for myself. I have a deep desire to bring more intimacy outside of fixed believes, healing touch and transforming honesty to the world. My core teachings are self awareness & responsibility, embodiment, authentic communication and deep intimacy.

I have been teaching and integrating Tantra in my life for several years, I teach what I live and what helps me to become more free & alive. My background is teaching a Somatic Coaching Bodywork since 2011, called the Grinberg Method, a powerful body awareness practice. I am giving tantric healing sessions since 2013 and personal coaching sessions since 2016. I am constantly learning and practicing Radical Honesty since 2014. I am a trainer candidate for Radical Honesty and I am a Forrest Yoga Teacher since 2017.

I facilitate transformational Workshops & Retreats in which I melt together Tantra, Conscious Touch and Radical Honesty.






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