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UX 360° - Certified UX & Usability Expert (engl.), Brussels


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The Internet, tablets and smartphones have already become our constant companions. A large proportion of people in the “developed countries” is „always on”. Content, features and applications will therefore be used across channels and media information and services should be always and everywhere available.
For this to happen meaningful and with a positive user experience, it needs people who are able to conceive intelligent and user-friendly concepts for various media and devices. An excellent „user experience“ makes a satisfied customer, increases credibility, gives a positive reception in social networks and amplifies a company’s reputation.

In this seminar you learn to develop successful and user friendly websites, apps and software for your customers to enjoy and be satisfied with. The seminar UX360 ° empowers you to successfully design digital products, services and information services. You learn to design content, structure and functionality of interactive products and services. You will learn the full range of methods of user experience design and how to practically apply them – from analysis to strategy to designing, prototyping and testing of developed solutions.

You will even be able to successfully conceive websites and apps, brief and control external service providers or communicate competently with internal stakeholders and advice them.

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