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Unleash Change!

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Wittelsbacherstraße 3

44139 Dortmund


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Unleash Change...

How good are you dealing with change?

- achieving it, designing it, or simply embracing it when going through unexpected events...

We know how challenging this can be. But we also know that it is possible to become much more effective and assertive while dealing with change. And now we have a course ready that will pass on lots of tools that everyone can use.

Do you want to change something?

Both personal and professional change needs a high dose of creativity, awareness, strategy and self-balance.

Are you facing unexpected change?

Sometimes we have no choice but to face change we didn‘t choose. However, the outcome can always be influenced by the way we deal with it. Finding alternative perspectives can result in alternative outcomes.

How does your body react to change?

YES, that is a real question. Stress is pretty much the last resource your body has to let you know that the limit is near - then comes burnout... What happens before stress? How to know that you are getting angry before you start yelling and throwing stuff around? How to counteract physical pain or bad sleep and find a way to recharge your batteries?

The body work part of this course will give you tools to identify and change physical correlates of stress, which in turn changes the way you will feel and think. So you‘ll learn to improve your creative thinking abilities through fostering health and well-being.

And what about innovation?

The ones who leave innovation for later might simply stay behind... Innovating comes from changing perspectives and directions.

The creativity training part of this course is about innovation: About thinking and acting differently, in a space wide enough for mistakes and great new ideas. You’ll get tools to deconstruct, analyze, re-imagine and simulate situations and outcomes – all to open that thinking space up in different ways.

This course consists of three meetings.

A very important part of the curriculum are the DID assignments (DoItDifferent), that each participant will design and realize in between meetings. Each project will require an average of 3 hours‘ work time.

The course will take place in the „GalerieGedankenGänge“ in Dortmund, Wittelsbacherstraße 3, on Thursday evenings (06.04., 20.04., 18.05.2017) from 6 to 9 pm.

Amongst other things, we will work on:

- Diverse, converse and deconstructive thinking (focusing on diverse thinking as a way of training our creative muscle).

- Assertiveness, giving and taking feedback and criticism, effective communication that will teach you conflict management basics.

- Brain storming (done the right way).

- Learning how to make thinking a physical experience, how to concentrate without tensing up, and relax in order to think better - which is a great way to deal with procrastination, too.

- Avoiding unnecessary escalations or being stuck in anger, frustration and tension. We will approach these situations from the body perspective, so that you learn to perceive and counteract the first symptoms and you can be at your best to get important stuff done, solve conflicts or negotiate.

We look forward to working with you and passing on some results of our years of experience, learning and experimentation in this practical course. If you need more information about the course don‘t hesitate to contact us.

See you soon!

Birte & Victor

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Wittelsbacherstraße 3

44139 Dortmund


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