TYPO3 Community Sprint

TYPO3 Community Sprint

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Emanuel-Leutze-Str. 11

40547 Düsseldorf


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TYPO3 Community Sprint

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The TYPO3 Community Code Sprint for all TYPO3 community teams, initiatives and those invited by them. All TYPO3 teams are invited to join us in our office in Düsseldorf for our on-location TYPO3 Code Sprint. We - the TYPO3 GmbH - will take care of your hotel costs and provide the location, you - the participants - bring your topics, motivation and high spirits and together we will work on moving TYPO3 forward.

Please note:

  • Travel costs (train, plane, car) will need to be reimbursed against the teams' budgets - please clarify the rules for that with your team leaders.
  • Due to the still dynamic pandemic situation, we cannot reliably say which rules apply, however, the first sprint required every participant to show a negative test every day before entering the office (test centers are available for free next door), this rule might still be in place for all the sprints.

Read our blog post about our previous sprint.

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