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Tom Schlesinger's exclusive 3-day workshop CREATING ORIGINAL DRAMEDY


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ifs internationale filmschule köln

Schanzenstraße 28

51063 Köln


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scriptmakers and the ifs internationale filmschule köln present

Tom Schlesinger’s exclusive 3-day workshop (for up to 16 participants only)


(Watch Tom's Video Teasers for this Event on youtube)

ifs international film school köln
May 7 - May 9, 2018, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

495,00 € (+19% VAT = 589,05 €)

Special Deals:

- Partner Organizations (alumni of Racconti, alumni of Serial Eyes, alumni of Mediengründerzentrum NRW, members of Film- und Medienverband NRW, VeDRA, of WIFTG, of EWA, of VDD, and of AG-Dok)
395,00 € (+19% VAT = 470,05 €)

- students (2 tickets available) 295,00 € (+19% VAT = 232,05 €)

- students and alumni of ifs: 250,00 € (+19% VAT = 297,50 €)

- 50% discount on all tickets (excluding student and ifs tickets), if you have also booked the 2-day Seminar (May 5+6). (This offer does not extend to students and ifs members.)

- Please contact Sandra Ehlermann at s.ehlermann@scriptmakers.de for a 10% discount (on all tickets excluding student and ifs tickets) for Scriptmakers "Heldenreise"-members.

Please see our policy on cancellations and refunds below.

“Tom is the best, full stop!”
- Daniel Speck, award-winning screenwriter and best-selling novelist, Bella Germania

DRAMEDIES: the most sought after projects internationally.

In this hands-on, experiential workshop you will learn the creative, innovative, and dramaturgical skills you need to create original dramedy films and TV series.

Utilizing a series of improvisational, storytelling, and creativity exercises, you will create a concept for a new dramedy film or TV series. By working in a collaborative writers room environment, you will have the opportunity to develop a synopsis that captures the passion and commercial potential of your project.

Day One: Generate the character webs and themes
Day Two: Developing the relationship and plot arcs through Story Constellations
Day Three: Complete your Synopsis via Visioning, pitching, writer’s room and instructor feedback

“Working with Tom is worth it’s weight in gold!”
- Paul Saltzman, filmmaker, Prom Night in Mississippi, with Morgan Freeman

You will leave this three-day workshop with the knowledge of how to create and develop successful dramedies, along with potential film and television projects.

TOM SCHLESINGER writes and consults on successful film and television projects internationally. He teaches storytelling workshops at Pixar Animations Studios, Lucasfilm, the Red Bull Media House, the International Film School, the American Film Institute, the DGA and the WGA. He is currently under contract with Sunrise Films in Toronto to write two feature film dramedies.


Wie gut muss mein Englisch sein, um folgen zu können?

Ohne gute Englischkenntnisse macht die Teilnahme an diesem Seminar keinen Sinn.

Wie komme ich mit Auto bzw. öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zur ifs?

Anfahrt mit dem Auto:
Mit dem Auto aus der Kölner Innenstadt über die Mülheimer Brücke oder über die Zoobrücke kommend, Richtung Wiener Platz fahren. Am Wiener Platz auf den Clevischen Ring, nach ca. 500 m rechts in die Keupstraße, dann links in die Schanzenstraße.

Mit öffentlichen Verkehsmitteln:
Straßenbahn und U-Bahn: Aus Süden oder Norden kommend mit der Linie 4 direkt bis zur Haltestelle Keupstraße. Aus Westen oder Osten kommend mit den Linien 13 und 18 bis Wiener Platz, dann weiter mit der Linie 4 bis Keupstraße.
Bus: Mit den Linien 152 oder 153 bis zur Keupstraße. Mit den Linien 159 / 250 / 260 / 434 bis Wiener Platz.
S-Bahn: Mit den Linien S 6 oder S 11 bis zur Station Bahnhof Mülheim und dann weiter mit dem Bus 152 oder 153 bis Keupstraße.

What about drinks and snacks?

Drinks and snacks are included. Lunch has to be paid separately. We will go to one of the restaurants.

What should I bring?

Cash for lunch in the Schanzenviertel, something to take notes.

How can I contact you with questions?

Sandra Ehlermann at s.ehlermann@scriptmakers.de

How about cancellations and refunds?

Refunds possible until 30 days before the event.

Due to some people using invalid email addresses booking and then immediately asking for a refund, we have changed the rule for cancellations, as of Sunday, March 11, 1pm: We will refund the price only if you contact us personally with a good reason for your cancellation (like a personal tragedy or sickness) at s.ehlermann@scriptmakers.de, and we will keep 50 € (incl. VAT) as a processing fee.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

Only in special exceptions. Contact us if you can't attend and want to pass your ticket on to a friend.

Do I have to bring my ticket?


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ifs internationale filmschule köln

Schanzenstraße 28

51063 Köln


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Rückerstattungen bis zu 30 Tage vor dem Event

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