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Time Management training course London as a 1-day workshop


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Holden House

57 Rathbone Place



United Kingdom

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Our time management training in London is a practical workshop with over 70 fun and effective impulses for your success.

Objectives / Main Takeaway

After the time management training, participants will able to use their time consciously

and more self-determinedly in accordance with their individual priorities to pursue

their goals with less stress.

Training contents

Background and review of current situation

• What motivates you? (What is your WHY? / Golden Circle model from Simon


• What do you use your time for? (headstand method)

• Short test: How good is your time management already?

• Why is time management a key skill? (understand that time and attention are

limited resources, which are constantly confronted with an unlimited amount of

demands on our time)

Top 3 Time Management Principles

• Prioritization by distinguishing between importance and urgency (Eisenhower


• Focus and filter according to the 80/20 rule (Pareto)

• The power of deadlines (1st Parkinson's Law: "Work expands to the extent that

time is available for its completion")

Planning and organization methods

• Weekly planning (rock principle, rule of three, the one thing according to Garry


• Daily planning (rules of three, the one thing, personal energy curve, maker's


• Getting Things Done (GTD) method by David Allen

• Effective Email Management (Inbox Zero Method according to Marlin Mann)

• Meeting best practices

• Being productive with telephone time

Challenges in time management

• Why we postpone tasks and how to avoid procrastination (method by David

Allen, author of getting things done, creating clarity about the next step)

• Don ́ t break the chain

• Handling interruptions

• Management of colleagues/employees (organization of tasks in teams, creation of

common expectations and dealing with spontaneous interruptions / requests)

• Dealing with perfectionism

• Minimization of distractions

• Handling information overload

• How to say "no" constructively

• Delegation of tasks

• Avoiding common, time-consuming mistakes

Concentration and focusing

• The Pomodoro Technique

• Time boxing

Objectives that work

• Rules for setting goals (SMART goals)


• The power of habits

Top 10 digital helpers

• Useful apps, programs and tools that can support your time and self-management

Action planning

Which topics from the workshop will you consistently implement in the next 4 weeks?


Jörn Steinz (MBA), born 1975, is founder of the training agency SkillDay.de and the innovation consultancy Innominds. de. Mr. Steinz has been running business trainings since 2014 with a focus on the development of commercial and digital competences. He studied business administration in Aachen and Coventry and is a graduate of the EADA Business School in Barcelona. Before starting his careers as a trainer, he had worked as a manager and consultant for more than 10 years at Accenture, XING and the freenet group, Workshops of Mr. Steinz are rated on average with 4,9 out 5 stars on Google+ (search for Skillday). He lives in Hamburg. You can also find his CV on XING:



Jörn Steinz (MBA)

M +49175 566 4329

E joern@skillday.de

W www.skillday.de

Imprint: http://skillday.de/impressum/

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Holden House

57 Rathbone Place



United Kingdom

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Rückerstattungen bis zu 30 Tage vor dem Event

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